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Chile’s first electric bus

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A partnership between BYD, Universidad Mayor and Chilectra has seen Chile’s first electric bus route unveiled, running between Huechuraba and Escuela Militar.

HUECHURABA — Chile’s Minister of Environment, María Ignacia Benítez defined as “a great contribution to promote the electric mobility” the first ride of the electric bus existing in Chile, which will move between Escuela Militar and Huechuraba campus of Universidad Mayor.
This initiative took shape due to the partnership between BYD, Chilectra, and the Universidad Mayor, and represents an important step to reduce transport emissions of Santiago.
In this regard, the Minister of Environment stressed that the electric bus eliminates the consumption of approximately 2,260 litres of diesel per month, “stopping the emission of about 4 tons of CO2 over the same period of time, which represents a major contribution to field of environmental pollution. “

Also, the Minister said that these type of initiatives are in line with the work that the ministry develops in order to “keep improving the quality of transport in the country and providing of a high level technology to the vehicles that are entering in the country’s market.”

The carrying capacity of the BYD K9 bus is 324 kWh, equivalent to a range of 250 kilometers, which can cover similar distances compared to the longer journeys that the Transantiago system does nowadays, or possibly, it can make a trip from Santiago to Talca without any drawbacks.

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